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After Doing first shipyard setup stuff, Work Order update chat notification constant repeat
Bug #: 8337
File: All Your Base
Date: 07-14-15 09:24 AM
By: Barleduq
Status: Unconfirmed
I took my second toon through the shipyard, and found that it, also, gave me the aforementioned errors when logging in, and trying to look at other alts. THis time, I took the toon all the way into Tanaan, and did the initial quests to set up the hub there. When I hopped back to take care of resetting missions, I went to my Trading Post to pick up a work order and start a new one. The line in chat from All Your Base that says the work order has been updated started printing out constantly, multiple times a second. The bug catcher I use, Swatter, did not report any errors. I was able to disable the addon using Addon Control Panel. The game client crashed with a memory error while I was in the middle of the UI reload.

I'm hoping you haven't abandoned the addon, because it's really been helpful. Thanks!