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Add a 'time till next mission is complete' to the list for alts.
Feature #: 4745
File: All Your Base
Date: 06-20-15 07:29 AM
By: Barleduq
Status: Under Review
I will sometimes wonder if it's worthwhile to swap over to another toon to take care of something before I go off into the wilderness. This tells me when something is done, which is great. But If it told me how long till the next finished mission, then I would know that I should swap over to the toon with 10 seconds left on the mission before I go off questing/queueing/etc.

Not sure if that makes sense. So here's a for-instance: I have 4 alts in Draenor. I've gone through all four, doing chores and setting missions. I queue for a dungeon, and after 10 minutes in the queue I get the notice that a mission is complete. So I lose my place in queue to swap around and reset missions, where if I'd known that it was coming up I could have done that and known I could ignore the garrison for a while.

Not as detailed as the main garrison window, obviously, with name and timer and such, in the same way it's listed now. Something like:

Alt1: 2 minutes
Alt2: 3 hours
Alt3: 4 completed