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Better frame resize management
Feature #: 3059
File: Gladius
Date: 10-29-08 05:22 AM
By: Jabar
Status: Feature Implemented
You can improve your frame resize feature by implementing an anchor management.

Currently, your frame expands itself from its "center" according to arena ladder.
It makes positioning difficult or even unsightly by overlapping with other frames.

That's why a 'Grow down' and 'Grow up' option would be the icing on the cake. The frame will expand, respectively, from its top or bottom and thus be much more easily placed.

Anyway, that's a really great job you've done there, hope you'll keep it updated ! =)

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By: Proditor - 10-29-08 12:56 PM
I will look into this, while implenting this I'll also change how it stores it's position (using ui scale with set points instead of changing points depending on where the frame is located).
By: Proditor - 10-30-08 01:58 PM
I've partly implemented this now. The frame now resizes itself from the top and from the left, if there's more space in that direction. Grow up option will be implemented in the future.
By: Jabar - 10-30-08 05:45 PM
I think I love you
By: zukuu - 07-31-09 03:46 PM
damn seen 2late.