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Feature #: 3513
File: Gladius
Date: 05-01-09 10:58 AM
By: aquze
Status: Wont add Feature
Im really glad i found this addon since its been such a good thing for me in my arena games, thank you!

anyhow, i came to think of, is it possible to make an "gladius friends" with the exact same stuff as the one that exists now have, but it shows my "portrait/health" and my partners in the arenas.. that would so own the stuff i have right now...

would really appreciate it, and i think others would to... would be insanely easy to see when ur partner is CCed, if he got trinket up or if he for instance pop divine plea (if ur with a paladin).. so you know when to be extra cautious, using the exact same system u do now, but just showing my party or raid or whatever =)

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By: Proditor - 05-14-09 03:23 PM
Gladius will not turn into unit frames. However, Shadowed (author of Afflicted etc.) is developing his own unit frames at the moment and they are looking promising. He has said that he might add an aura module that does the same thing as the Gladius aura system (turning portrait into aura). If he doesn't care to do it I might do it myself for his unit frames. Might write a trinket module as well, but honestly, you should considering using ventrilo/teamspeak, owns any addon