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Enable Test Bars Not Working
Bug #: 7368
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 03-31-11 09:34 PM
By: Lindrin
Status: Flagged for Future Version
It seems that the option in the spell timer section to enable the test bars is not working. I reset everything with /fx resetall. Still didn't work. I downloaded the most recent version of ForteXorcist. Still didn't work. I even went so far as to remove all my other addons from my addons folder and move my WTF folder out of my WoW folder and then put only the most recent version in my addons folder. It still doesn't work. I have used this addon almost since it first came out and I really really love it but it's more than just a little frustrating when I can only see what I'm changing in combat. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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By: Lindrin - 03-31-11 09:41 PM
It seems to be a problem with the Rogue module or something of the like. It only happens when I'm on a rogue.
By: jdhorner - 04-09-11 08:12 PM
I can confirm that test bars do not show when enabled on a rogue character, but work on others.
By: Xus - 04-11-11 09:28 AM
While the Rogue module does include a lot of spells, it currently doesn't include any durations for them. That's why the test bars can't pop up. Adding durations is possible, but it could cause unwanted behaviour, because it requires registering anything that changes the durations...

I'll see if I can fix this in the 'casting module update' of v1.976, but this version is not coming any time soon.