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Mouseover bug
Bug #: 7801
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 09-16-12 05:35 AM
By: pikadude1006
Status: Unconfirmed
Something seems to be up with mouseover cast detection.
If I'm in melee range of one dummy that I have targeted, I mouseover another dummy (even if it's out of range), and I cast rake, I get two timer bars for rake. One with the actual duration on the targeted dummy, and one for the mouseover unit that seems to have an untalented duration.

Using the most recent version as of now, 1.980.6.

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By: pikadude1006 - 09-16-12 05:37 AM
In addition, the problem isn't showing up on my rogue with hemorrhage.
By: pikadude1006 - 09-20-12 04:09 PM
After doing some poking around in the druid class module, changing the second field in all the problematic spells' lines in the class module to 000 fixed the problem.
Ex: line 76 in Druid.lua

:AddSpell( 1822, 9,"Default", F.TICKS) -- Rake


:AddSpell( 1822, 000,"Default", F.TICKS) -- Rake