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Dot Ticks Will Not Show
Bug #: 7864
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 11-11-12 05:17 PM
By: lyser
Status: Awaiting Feedback
For some reason, I cannot get DoT Ticks to show on my Bars. I've looked over all the options multiple times, and have "Improve: Use dot ticks" enabled, Show Ticks is set to "1" and the Spark tick indication is set to "2"

I used this Addon in the past and DoT ticks worked fine, but ever since I started using FX again, I cannot seem to get the ticks to show, and since I play mainly a Warlock and a Shadowpriest, it is kinda helpful to know when my DoTs do damage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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By: Xus - 11-12-12 07:16 AM
Make sure your Class module is enabled. Also make sure you have exited the game when (or after) updating the addon. Ticks will only show for spells that are registered by that module.