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ForteCooldown causing fps loss
Bug #: 7891
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 12-10-12 03:28 AM
By: scrable
Status: Unconfirmed
Earlier today, I did a battleground on my priest and noticed a large fps loss, roughly halving it. This fps loss only occurs in combat. I turned off all of my addons, and enabled each one, proceeding alphabetically. I got to fortexorcist, and noticed that it was the cause of the fps loss. I then turned off all other addons aside from fortexorcist, and the issue remained. I started turning off modules of forte, starting with FOrteSummon, followed by ForteSoulstone, then ForteHealthstone, ForteTalent, and ForteTimer. However, when I turned off ForteCooldown, my fps no longer dropped in combat. After I noticed that ForteCooldown appeared to be the culprit, I turned on all of the other modules that I had previously turned off while keeping ForteCooldown off, and my fps continued to remain stable in combat. When I turned on ForteCooldown again, my fps tanked in combat.

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By: scrable - 12-10-12 10:07 PM
Perhaps it was just a fluke, it's not occurring now.
By: scrable - 12-10-12 10:10 PM
Meh, back again :[