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Colossus Smash is not a raid debuff
Bug #: 7899
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 12-20-12 02:42 AM
By: rotes
Status: Unconfirmed

Hi, a suggestion:

The warrior attack 'Colossus Smash' is registered as a Raid Debuff, causing other players' Colossus Smash debuffs to show in the target timer frame.

This should be removed from the registered list, as it is a debuff that only applies to the attacks from the warrior who applied the debuff, and no other players benefit from it. Having Colossus Smash registered as a raid debuff makes it show up to warriors even when it is not their own debuff, which can cause confusion. It also obscures their own remaining duration on their Colossus Smash debuff, as a newer application from someone else removes the personal timer, replacing it with the longer duration one that actually grants no benefit.

So basically:

Colossus Smash is *not* a raid debuff, and should be removed from the list. It is a personal only debuff.

Thanks for the great addon, and thanks for reading this.:banana: