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some problum with Evasion skill.
Feature #: 4196
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 09-05-10 07:59 PM
By: issencia
Status: Under Review
Im Korean. Im not good at english. but I hove to know some thing. sorry about my poor english.

Im logue. when I use Evasion(I dont konw exact name of skill in english. its survival skill for logue) there Evasion icon on Forte Cooldown bar, and something strange icon is appear at end of Cooldown bar when I use some skill, change item, even normal atack.

The icon, that appear continuously, looks like Prists disappear skill(also not exact name, its aggrsive control skill for prists) different color.

I check ignore Evasion. and, it doesn't appear again. the strange icon.
but I want to see evasion cooltime on Forte cooldown bar.

please, I spend for this many days. let me know why this strange icon appear.
and how can I deal with it

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By: issencia - 09-05-10 08:05 PM
problum->>> problem.... sorry...