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Custom Sort order and missing
Feature #: 4574
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 08-14-12 07:09 PM
By: Luakfelsfass
Status: Under Review
1) I don't know how hard it its to implement it, but it would nice to get a way to sort my debuffs manually (like with EventHorizon)

my brute force idea was doing something like this:

local order = {
["Immolate"] = 60,
["Conflagrate"] = 70,
["Bane of Doom"] = 80,
["Bane of Agony"] = 80,
["Corruption"] = 90,
["Chaos Bolt"] = 100

links[k][8] = order[st[i][8]] or 0;

and then sort by 8,3.

I know this is by far not a clean way to do it, but it might give you an idea or help you in some way.

2) I would not only like to see my debuffs, but the ones i am missing. Don't know if this is possible.