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Time Display Alternatives
Feature #: 4596
File: ForteXorcist
Date: 09-12-12 09:13 PM
By: Stringar
Status: Under Review
I am enjoying this addon very much, however there is one thing that is bugging me. If possible, I would like to see an option that when a spell reaches x min left, it will start showing seconds, and when a spell reaches x seconds left, it will start showing milliseconds.

Example 1

X = 5 min

Buff Y at 6.5 min left will show: 6m
Buff Y at 4.5 min left will show: 4:30m

Example 2

X = 2 sec

DoT Y at 4.2 seconds left will show: 4s
DoT Y at 1.2 seconds left will show: 1.2s

There could be an option I am missing that allows this. If that is the case, please let me know! Otherwise keep up the great work and I hope you can add this soon!