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Health and Power bars not at their correct place after continent zoning.
Bug #: 7364
File: FluidFrames
Date: 03-24-11 04:08 PM
By: ckramme
Status: Unconfirmed
On the screenshot you can see what happens when I zone to another continent.
It also happens when I am getting a cutscene, like the ones used in the Harrison Jones quest chain in Uldum.
I can reproduce it 100% of the time.
Tested Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdom, Eastern Kingdom til Outlands and Kalimdor to Northrend.
If I use the portal to Mount Hyjal is does not happen, haven't completed any other Cataclysm areas, so those portals are untested.


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By: ckramme - 03-25-11 04:39 AM
Update: Regarding the cutscenes, it only happens when I need to control something while the cutscene(probably not a cutscene if I have to do that ) is going on. If there is no interaction its fine.