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Mining removes map note
Bug #: 3876
File: Cartographer
Date: 08-18-07 08:29 AM
By: Kal_Zakath13
Status: Unconfirmed
New Cartographer User. (no previous settings) Newest version from the auto-updater: r46734. Installed via the auto-updater.

Just installed:
_Extract Gas

My map is now filled with nodes (Due to _Data), however, when i actually go and mine a node (Only tried Adamantite, Rich Adamantite, and Fel Iron so far), the note is removed from my database. Or, at least turned off. I no longer see the node listed on my minimap, or my world map.

If the note had both a Rich Adamantite and Adamantite marked in the same spot, if I mined an Adamantite, only the Rich Adamantite note would stay, and vice versa.

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By: Kal_Zakath13 - 08-18-07 08:54 AM
Tried using my Herbalist on the same account, but all it did on him was adjust the notes a few pixels to compensate for where I was picking the plant. It did not remove the note.