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Mini map not auto-adjusting properly
Bug #: 4116
File: FuBar - LocationFu
Date: 12-03-07 10:03 PM
By: Rykarr
Status: Unconfirmed
Mini map is not auto-adjusting correctly, this is due to the old version of Jostle being used by this addon and the new version of Jostle being provided by Fubar.

To correct this I replaced version 2 with version 3 provided by the core Fubar addon; deleting the version 2 folder under the Fubar_LocationFu\libs folder and inserting the LibJostle-3.0 library.

I then made the following changes to the calls within Fubar_LocationFu to adjust for the change:

Old Line 16
<Script file="libs\Jostle-2.0\Jostle-2.0.lua"/>

Replaced with New Line 16
<Script file="libs\LibJostle-3.0\LibJostle-3.0.lua"/>

Old Line 4
local Jostle = AceLibrary("Jostle-2.0")

Replaced with New Line 4
local Jostle = AceLibrary("LibJostle-3.0")

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By: Rykarr - 12-03-07 10:19 PM
The following text was found on the Wowace forums:

Yeah a couple problems.

1. I use the blizzard stand mini-map, and when I have auto-adjust frames enabled it's at the top of the screen (underneath my fubar), and if I toggle off auto-adjust frames it actually moves further up off the screen. I can post screen shots if it's helpful.

2. Please give us a way to get rid of the minimap icon, I can't for the life of me find a way to turn it off.

Followed by:

An additional note, this is being caused by mods that still use Lib Jostle 2.0. I found that I had FuBar_LocationFu installed and that it was still using the old Jostle Lib. So I disabled the old Jostle Lib and Fubar_LocationFu and it's working fine. So the bug isn't in Jostle 3.0, but rather that the two aren't playing nicely together.

What's weird is I don't understand why FuBar_LocationFu is messing with Jostle for in the first place. smiley


Not understanding how Ace addons work, or how to call a function from a library that Fubar includes with the core addon, I chose the option of tweaking what was provided with what I suspected was a reasonably straightforward means of "patching" the problem. I suspect that the best method would be to make the Jostle call by using the library that Fubar has provided, but I am not certain how to tell LocationFu that the library is located in the Fubar libraries.

Fubar version used: +54616.4
LocationFu version: +55569.9