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World Units Always Fade Out
Bug #: 4992
File: CowTip 3.0
Date: 10-23-08 10:21 AM
By: Caiginn
Status: Unconfirmed
Many World Units tooltips seem to always fade out in-game. Upon using the Fade module's configuration window, all World Units tooltips fade out.

I then changed the following in /SavedVariables/Cowtip.lua:
["Fade"] = {
			["profiles"] = {
				["Default"] = {
					["units"] = "hide",
					["objects"] = "hide",
					["unitFrames"] = "hide", -- Added this line
					["otherFrames"] = "hide", -- Added this line
Now, most World Units tooltips hide normally. However some still do not; for example, creatures which I am in melee combat with (if I am at range, it seems to work normally) and my warlock pet still fade out.