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bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got string)
Bug #: 6939
File: EventHorizon_Vitals
Date: 10-23-10 02:51 AM
By: RnDMonkey
Status: Unconfirmed
I'm getting this error on my lvl 64 prot warrior. Bugsack text:

1x EventHorizon_Vitals-2.2\core.lua:482: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got string)
EventHorizon_Vitals-2.2\core.lua:482: in function <EventHorizon_Vitals\core.lua:480>
EventHorizon_Vitals-2.2\core.lua:523: in function `UNIT_AURA'
EventHorizon_Vitals-2.2\core.lua:447: in function `Init'
EventHorizon-1.9 r377\EventHorizon.lua:2241: in function `LoadModules'
EventHorizon-1.9 r377\EventHorizon.lua:2537: in function `Initialize'
EventHorizon-1.9 r377\EventHorizon.lua:2738: in function `f'
EventHorizon-1.9 r377\EventHorizon.lua:469: in function <EventHorizon\EventHorizon.lua:465>

auras = "player"
name = nil
text = nil
icon = nil
count = nil
dispelType = nil
duration = nil
expires = nil
caster = nil



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By: RnDMonkey - 10-23-10 05:05 PM
Perhaps it is a side-effect of this error, but every time this character zones into a different area, after the loading screen clears there is another set of the same timeline bars right below the first, sharing the frame. It will do this again and again, adding another set of bars each time. Reloading the UI sets it back to one set.
By: helfila - 10-30-10 12:32 AM
Yes this happens to me as well. It will keep growing and growing.