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Errors in QuestLog_Update hook
Bug #: 6038
File: Inquest
Date: 08-10-09 11:41 PM
By: Phanx
Status: Fixed
The following error occurs when accepting a quest, abandoning a quest, turning in a quest, tracking a quest, or untracking a quest. When it occurs, the list of quest titles in the left panel of the quest log is mixed up, and clicking on a quest title will likely show the wrong quest in the right panel.

Inquest version 2.01, WoW 3.2.0, enUS client, enUS live server.

PHP Code:
Inquest-2.01\QuestLog.lua:168attempt to index local 'questLogTitle' (a nil value)
tail call): ?:
in C code>: in function `QuestLog_Update'
Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:273: in function <Interface\FrameXML\QuestLogFrame.lua:259> 

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By: Phanx - 08-10-09 11:46 PM
Also, forgot to add that tracking and untracking a quest only causes the error if it's done by shift-clicking the quest in the quest log, or using whichever click combination on the tracker is set in the Inquest options. It does NOT occur when left-clicking the quest in the quest log and pressing the new "Track" button at the bottom of the quest log.