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custom notes
Feature #: 3527
File: ForumName2
Date: 05-05-09 05:56 PM
By: Danno
Status: Feature Implemented
I would very much appreciate the ability to do a simple command line "/fn setnote Katastrophy Kat", and have that note (Kat) instead of her forum name show up. No need for a fancy menu like the Rock version has (the optimal solution would be to have 'custom note' as an option to the right-click on chat names, but I don't want to get too carried away here). It'd be extra-appreciated (but not necessary) if it's in the same data storage format though so we can copy/paste the contents of our current savedvariables over.

				["Katastrophy"] = "Kat",
				["Danguinary"] = "Dan",
				["Flash"] = "Noobsauce",
edit: ooh. Or, instead of saving by character name, save by forum name, and just replace it on the output with the custom-note? that way, you wouldn't need to enter a person's alts, assuming the officers added the forum name tag? That'd be worth the trouble of manually migrating our savedvariables :)

				["Katmarie"] = "Kat",
				["Dan Quixote"] = "Dan",
				["Archmagi"] = "Noobsauce",