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Frame vertical position buggy
Bug #: 7322
File: Tidy Plates Beta
Date: 02-26-11 02:25 PM
By: zord
Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)
Thanks for this great addon! I've noticed a small bug when using the Neon theme and modifying the frame's vertical position. Typically I have to set it to something like 90% because I use a large resolution and zoom out pretty far. In recent versions (it wasn't so bad before) this causes most of the nameplate to be unclickable.

I've attributed this to the following line of code in the OnApplyThemeCustomization function (Neon.lua):
style.frame.y = ((LocalVars.FrameVerticalPosition-.5)*50)+20
I quickly fixed it for myself by changing those lines to:
style.frame.y = ((LocalVars.FrameVerticalPosition-.5)*50)-17
There is surely a more elegant solution for this though.

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By: danltiger - 02-27-11 04:39 AM
Actually... there isn't really a good solution. We can't change the hitbox position, only the artwork. But, I'm going to update the offset to 0, rather than +20 or -17; It places Neon in a more central position, at 50%.

Having a very high resolution, and zooming out very far will cause issues for even the default Blizzard plates (which is what Tidy Plates hooks onto for its own plates)