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Vertical positioning not working with viewport addon
Bug #: 8017
File: Tidy Plates Beta
Date: 08-20-13 04:04 PM
By: nlvyper
Status: Unconfirmed

I was testing the latest beta version and noticed that vertical positioning doesn't work correctly when viewport addon is used. In my case, Sunn - Viewport. Below are the screenshots showing the problem:

No viewport addon - perfectly fine:

Sunn - Viewport addon:

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By: nlvyper - 08-20-13 04:07 PM
Forgot to mention, the clickable area remains in the same place with or without the viewport, so with viewport addon i have to click somewhere in between the mob and the nameplate to select that mob.
By: Vicarious789 - 08-24-13 04:21 PM
I'm also having this same identical issue using this addon and with sunn - viewport. I have always been using them together so the chance is with this addon as the viewport addon has received no recent changes.
By: Vicarious789 - 08-24-13 07:19 PM
worth mentioning I'm using threat plates and haven't tested all the other options
By: danltiger - 08-25-13 06:56 AM
Try turning on "Compatibility Mode" via /tidyplates
By: Vicarious789 - 08-25-13 06:11 PM
not sure where that is but I tried performance mode and it did nothing
By: Vicarious789 - 08-27-13 11:09 AM
I found it on your new update thanks man
By: nlvyper - 08-27-13 11:25 AM
Looks like this new method of attaching nameplates to improve FPS is not limited to TidyPlates, and is just not compatible with viewports.

This addon - http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22478-rNamePlates2.html - has the same issue when using viewport.
By: danltiger - 08-27-13 03:02 PM
As noted, use Compatibility Mode when using alternative viewports.