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Totem Icons in Pvp Mode? = )
Feature #: 4077
File: Tidy Plates
Date: 03-11-10 09:30 PM
By: Roswends
Status: Feature Implemented
Hi! I really love your mod, it's truly fantastic and great for seeing what's going on in arena. The PvP class icons were a great idea. I'm a 2760 Death Knight on the Shadowburn BG, I've been using the standard nameplates for a long time and I found tidyplates to be an enormous improvement. Props on a great mod! It really made my day when I found it.

That said, killing totems is an important part of Arena PvP (especially if you're a Death Knight! :eek:). These nameplates work great, but it's just about impossible to realistically read totem names. I was wondering if it would be possible to put icons on totems in PvP mode? I think it would drastically increase the popularity of your mod with the Arena/PvP community. There's actually a plugin that does this, only problem is that it's nowhere near as clean as standard tidyplates. Pet icons would be really nice too.

Actually, another incredible thing would be incorporating 'auras' into the nameplates, like 'Chains of Ice' or 'Polymorph', so that you could see which magical debuffs were active on nameplates. Sounds impossible though, and I know I'm beyond stretching it asking for this. Just thought I'd bring it up incase you havn't thought of it yet. This is something 'Gladius', an arena-frame mod, does by allowing you to plug in spells and set priorities. It's one of the most useful features of the whole addon.

Thanks again for a great addon, truly great for arena! Thanks so much for writing it. It might not mean much, but if you somehow managed to incorporate these features I'd definately spread the word.


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By: danltiger - 03-16-10 08:29 PM
The totem name thing is a good idea. It sounds like an idea for a future widget ;-)

For auras; In arenas, it should be far simpler than PvE. I'm a PvE'r right now, so Arena features haven't been a personal priority. I have been working on mouseover/target aura widgets, which may lead into the feature you suggest. I feel that a dedicated Arena theme would be a nice thing to have... but, from my point of view, it's hard for me to develop, since I'm not actively involved. Any volunteers?