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NPC & players font
Feature #: 4381
File: Tidy Plates
Date: 02-15-11 02:30 AM
By: Helvete
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I saw this feature in docsNameplates. Addon changes npc and other players font to look ... different.
It looks damn nice and thanks this feature I see all my friends in instance. Its easy to check who is standing in fire :P etc.

Those are examples:

Is there any chance to get this fearture in Tidy Plates ?
Threat system in docsNameplates is broken, so I hate them, but this feature is what I really miss.

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By: danltiger - 02-17-11 10:41 PM
Yes, I've been hoping to do something like this for a while. Combat features seem to keep bumping it off priority.

Basically, that name text is just a nameplate without the healthbar.