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11-16-09 10:30 PM by: Tuller
I wrote the following a few weeks ago as a response to a person on Curse asking about Bongos_Minimap, and thought I would share:
I'm a crazy person, I know this. The end result is I end up doing the following:
* Use some addon, or come up with an idea, and think, "hey, I should make this"
* Create something
* Release it.
* Get it to a point of stability
* Work on something else
* Decide, "hey, there are things I'd like to do over"
* Rewrite the entire thing.
* Release it.
* Repeat

This is why Bongos, the Dominos betas of Bongos (tabbed bars), Bongos2, Bongos3, and Dominos. Each one is the result of me trying an idea, then something happening (either me not liking the end result, or a patch breaking everything). Bongos2 existed because of wow 2.0. Bongos3 existed to try and resolve common issues people experienced with Bongos2, Dominos exists because I felt I was doing too much with Bongos3.

Bongos_Minimap was the end result of me thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if I made it possible to move anything using the Bongos frame system?" Eventually another user expanded upon the idea and created Cornucopia. I ended up dropping support for the minimap module because I felt I had increased the scope of Bongos too much. (Bongos/Dominos is strictly limited to only modify things that it needs to as a result of breaking up the main action bar into movable parts).

Bongos_Stats existed because Bongos disabled the ping display, I did not feel like running Titan Panel to get one :P I dropped it when blizzard added a ping display to the menu bar.

Anyway, here are my two crazy ideas that could ever lead to another Bongos:
* An unlimited actionbars that you draw on the screen type addon. (think a simpler, easier to use macaroon).
* An addon with per _state_ layouts: Your interface will be able to completely change when in bear/cat/holding down alt/etc.
I just went and read through all of my blog posts here, too.