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11-18-09 10:54 AM by: Tuller
Here are my immediate future plans for my stuff. I've actually tried to fill out everything both on my roadmap and issue tracker. I've also revamped the wiki a bit. Anyway, here are my current plans for things:
  • Bagnon: My priority for Bagnon is saved searches. After that, its guild bank support I'm after.
  • Dominos: My priority is to write a new totem bar that functions more like the stock totem bar. After that, I'm probably going to explore more esoteric things: like infinite macro buttons and state based layouts.
  • OmniCC: The next update is likely going to be a rewrite. I want to try and reduce CPU usage, and also try and merge pulse and shine into the main pack.
  • Combuctor: I'm currently favoring Bagnon over Combuctor at the moment, but the bank viewing bug bugs (haha) me. Hopefully I'll begin work on it at some point again.