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06-18-10 09:05 PM by: Tuller
So as I mentioned in the last post, I'm now working on a 3.0 version of OmnCC.
When updating OmniCC, I basically had two goals:
  • Reduce CPU usage: OmniCC actually does use a good bit of CPU time; much more than other addons. It turns out that yes, multiple OnUpdate handlers do have a higher cost than a single global OnUpdate handler :P Because of this, I've rewrote OmniCC to use a single OnUpdate handler
  • Figure out some way to better manage hiding OmniCC on certain frames. To that end I've decided to include a "whitelist mode" and take a page out of Clique's book. When in whitelist mode, OmniCC will only display text on registered frames/children of those frames. To register a frame, you do this:
    CooldownTextFrames = CooldownTextFrames or {}
    CooldownTextFrames[Frame] = true
    From there, I'll probably provide a configuration mode so that one can disable frames that authors have added to the whitelist. The only limitation I see is that I'm only going to include named frames.
Hopefully I'll have something to release soonish. If you'r really impatient, you can grab the source at GitHub