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07-31-10 10:44 PM by: Tuller
Hot on the heels of the OmniCC 3.0 betas, I bring you tullaCooldownCount. tullaCooldownCount is a minmal (ie, zero config) addon for displaying cooldown text on buttons. Its more or less the successor to the old OmniCC_Basic addon I wrote some time ago.

tullaCC was written mostly for me to both have a good reference point for a basic cooldown count addon, so that I could test out different tweaks to see how they impact performance. It works well enough on its own, though

I don't expect people to see much of a real performance difference between tullaCC and OmniCC, minus cases where I implement a performance boost in one before the other. tullaCC, however, does use significantly less static memory than OmniCC, for those of you that are into thst sort of thing.