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03-19-11 11:29 AM by: Tuller
One person requested me to try and lay out the direction I wish to take my stuff, so I figured it would be a nice thing to post on my portal :

* The main feature to implement here is guild bank support. I have a working display, but I've not implemented support for viewing logs, or support for purchasing additional bags, etc.
* A nice to have would be to improve Bagnon_Forever to support guild bank tracking. I'm also looking at just implementing support for Bagsync, which does this already.

* I think Dominos is in maintenance mode right now. Some nice to haves would be saving keybindings to a profile, and automatically switching profiles when switching specs. I'm actually working on a new actionbar addon called ThunderCougarFalconBars.

* This is a new addon I'm working on. Its main claim to fame is that layouts are completely state based, and can be changed in combat based on macro conditionals. The code for the addon can be found here: https://github.com/Tuller/ThunderCougarFalconBars

* The release version hasn't changed much, other than that I've implemented support for BagSync. I have an experimental branch of the code right now where I'm attempting to rewrite the code using the addon module stuff we got a few patches ago. If I do it correctly, I think I can then make a new version of Bagnon that shares a good bit of code with Combuctor.

* The biggest problem right now is that there's a crash issue that's been present since I updated it to use the animation system. I switched to the animation system because it allowed me to dramatically reduce the overall CPU usage of OmniCC, and would like to keep the timer code that uses it around. What I'm thinking is implementing a second OnUpdate based timer engine as an option for people experiencing crashes. Other than that, the addon is in maintenance mode.

* A simplified version of OmniCC, and thus requires even less work

* Also in maintenence mode. A good option to implement would be to enable/disable holy power coloring, as well as the priority of out of range/out of mana coloring.

* The addon was killed by 4.0, since there's a great amount of latency now when brute forcing GetItemInfo.