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combo CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Mousewheeldown does not work
Bug #: 7174
File: Dominos
Date: 01-08-11 03:12 AM
By: mharmless
Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)
The combo "CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Mousewheeldown" does not work. "CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-Mousewheelup" works fine, as do combos like "CTRL-ALT-Mousewheeldown" or "ALT-SHIFT-Mousewheeldown".

Also tried this on a new character with no profile import and no other addons enabled.

Currently using Dominos version 1.22.0, acquired off of curse.

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By: Tuller - 02-12-11 04:12 PM
You know, I've finally reproduced this. However, I don't think there's anything I can do about it, since I also tested it with a standard blizzard keybinding (in this case, opening the chat frame) MouseWheelUp works, MouseWheelDown does not).