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I Have No Actionbars!!
Bug #: 8317
File: Dominos
Date: 04-01-15 06:46 AM
By: DeathsCompliant
Status: Unconfirmed
hey guys so basically, i've just spent the last 40 minutes trying to get Dominos 6.1.9 to work, i also tried many older version which worked in the area i wanted, but didnt in some of the others. my problem is as the title says, i have no actionbars.. on SOME of my characters. all the actionbars work on my rogue characters for example, but on the mages and that...nup! the older version worked fine apart from it was missing the pet bar and a couple of misc ones, while this one has the pet bars and that, but no actionbars for spells and that. i've tried fiddling with settings in the config menu in the interface, but clicking and right clicking on the minimap icon, everything i can think of, please help me as its really getting on my nerves that it works on some and not others, which brings me to the final thing i tried. where i noticed the profiles section in the interface, the rogue is ofcourse automatically set to rogue, while the mage is set to mage, so i thought, i'll just click on the rougue optione and click set to change it, or i thought that was how to change it after i tried double clicking the profiles and stuff like that, but it wouldnt even change profile, just came up with an error, i also tried running with no other addons running. no luck.