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Save searches to clickable icons
Feature #: 3694
File: Bagnon
Date: 08-05-09 02:22 AM
By: shkm
Status: Flagged for Future Version
I'd like to be able to save searches and dock them, as icons, to a bar on one of the sides of the bag. The searches themselves are exceptionally powerful, and I think this feature would better bring Bagnon in line with those addons which separate items into a mess of extra virtual bags, but without the pitfalls.

Any plans? I doubt it would break the philosophy of your addon--it'd essentially give us bookmarks for our favourite searches.

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By: Tuller - 08-05-09 04:51 AM
That is the exact plan for Bagnon, it just will take time to implement
By: shkm - 08-19-09 06:39 AM