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Auto-complete a link in the editbox via ItemID (as opposed to: /lw --q)
Feature #: 4166
File: Ludwig
Date: 07-04-10 06:36 PM
By: Myrathi
Status: Under Review
Currently, the only (apparent) way to 'link' an item via its ItemID is by using the "/lw --q ####" command and that only pops up the tooltip, as opposed to providing a click-able/copyable link.

What would be exceptionally useful (and I used this option *a lot* in Linkerator), is to be able to auto-complete a link as I type, but using the ItemID instead of the name.

The format could be identical to the one Linkerator required (but with the caveat of Ludwig's double [[ starter format):

Like so: [[#xxxx]

Where 'xxxx' is the ItemID (and is numeric only).

If it makes it easier to implement, as soon as Linkerator saw a '#' following the starter [-brace, it didn't auto-complete until the final closing ]-brace was entered - and only if the 'xxxx' was purely numeric. That prevented a large number of disconnects due to looking up bad or unseen IDs that the user didn't intend.