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Large memory spikes and FPS drops
Bug #: 6425
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates
Date: 02-01-10 06:46 AM
By: Meebsy
Status: Fixed
While raiding tonight on the latest version of TidyPlates_ThreatPlates I noticed ThreatPlates was using more and more memory and also started to make my FPS dip as well.
What happens is you go into combat, nameplates start to show up, memory starts to climb. I had it at 13mg for Heroic Faction Champions.
Drop combat and it drops a good chunk of it's memory usage, do a garbage collection and it sets it back to what it was as if you had reloaded your UI, roughly 230kb.
I also made sure to take note during Heroic Twins, Heroic Anub and also on Blood Queen. Each time before entering combat it showed DataStores as being the mod that was utilising the most memory; due to libraries being asigned to DataStores or however they work, then ThreatPlates would shoot straight up to number 1 position.