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talentframe/glyphframe taint (also for Guildrosterbuttons)
Bug #: 8015
File: MerchantFilterButtons
Date: 08-09-13 01:52 PM
By: ravagernl
Status: Unconfirmed
This AddOn is tainting the talent/glyph frame. Here is the error captured by BugSack:
1010x !NoTaint-13.02.13\Code.lua:71: AddOn calls UIFrameFlash, you may not be able to switch talent.
<in C code>
!NoTaint-13.02.13\Code.lua:71: in function <!NoTaint\Code.lua:68>
<in C code>
FrameXML\MainMenuBarMicroButtons.lua:193: in function "MicroButtonPulse"
MerchantFilterButtons\MerchantFilterButtons-1.7.lua:68: in function <MerchantFilterButtons\MerchantFilterButtons.lua:59>
MerchantFilterButtons\MerchantFilterButtons-1.7.lua:117: in function <MerchantFilterButtons\MerchantFilterButtons.lua:110>
Glyph changing/talent changing no longer works after this error. MicroButtonPulse may add a neat little animation, it does not add any functionality. Please remove it or replace it with animations.