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How many in party/raid are targeting each creature
Feature #: 4480
File: Threat Plates
Date: 08-05-11 09:19 AM
By: Barter
Status: Under Review
I see many addons that let you who is targeting a target when you mouse over him, and since you have access to the target of everyone in your party(raid too?), I think it would be interesting to have some kind of indication (numbers, little circles like combo points? dunno) in the nameplates for how many players are targeting that one mob.

It would be particularly useful in aoe so you know on which mob you should be generating threat, it's also helpful for when you should be all focusing on one target, and if someone isn't you know straight away.

-- sorry for submitting it twice, I only noticed that this entry of threat plates was the one that was being updated after I submitted the other one