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Class color NameText & Toggle Visibility HealthBar
Feature #: 4708
File: Threat Plates
Date: 12-15-14 11:08 AM
By: pomero
Status: Under Review
Hi, first things first... I would like to thank you for this addon, i just love it, u have done an amazing job with this plug-in.
Now, I also want to make a request. It could be possible to add a couple of features?
First, to add a class color NameText option
Second, to add an option so HealthBar visibility could be changed through Friend or enemy identification.

The purpose os this, is to get a fast and easy recognition of friends and enemies positions on the battlefield, I'm sharing 2 images as an example of what I want to mean:
Image 1
Image 2

Well... with no more to be said, I thank you for your time.
Have a nice day.