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Bug with Enemy Name Plates
Bug #: 8251
File: Aurora
Date: 12-05-14 07:34 AM
By: Nepiton
Status: Not a Bug
First, let me say I love the addon, I've been using it for nearly 2 years now.

Since the 6.0 update, though, I've been experiencing a bug with enemy name plates. In the past my pop-up names plates have just shown the health of the mob and then a little E if the mob was elite. Since 6.0, a black square has popped up in between the health and where the "E" usually appears, making it seem like every mob starts off at 90% health.

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By: Haleth - 12-05-14 03:21 PM
Are you sure this is caused by Aurora? Does it still happen when Aurora is disabled?
By: Nepiton - 12-06-14 11:53 PM
As it turns out, it's another of my addons (a font addon) conflicting with Aurora--the font addon is a tad out of date. Sorry for the mix up, and thanks for having me double check.