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Problem with Baudbag Interaction
Bug #: 8479
File: Aurora
Date: 07-19-16 02:22 PM
By: Andoriel
Status: Unconfirmed
Prior to today's patch I was using Aurora and Baudbag with no problems, and since I updated Aurora, now I'm having an issue with my bags where instead of the icons being visible for whatever I have in them, I see the square filled with the rarity color of the item except for a brief flash as they open or close.

Disabling baudbag fixes the problem, but then I'm back to several bags instead of one. I had no issues with Baudbag's functionality until Aurora was updated.

I understand you don't play anymore and I know this fix isn't a priority for you (understandably), but I'd really appreciate it. Until you get around to it I'll be looking into other bag mods to workaround the issue.