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Bug #: 1531
File: AfterCast
Date: 06-25-06 08:30 PM
By: Dridzt
Status: Unconfirmed
You'll have to excuse me that I can't reproduce the message exactly as it was seen during a rather heated battle,
but I'll do my best to describe and give the steps to reproduce.

message was something like:
Unexpected event SPELLCAST_CHANNEL_STOP (not sure about this maybe SPELLCAST_INTERRUPTED) during NormalCast.

My best guess is that it was caused by me moving to break "Slam"
Slam is warrior ability with 1.5 sec cast time.

Hope it helps.

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By: K.Rool - 07-02-06 07:32 AM
Yes, you get these for a ton of spells. Mainly when you get hit or move while casting/channeling. SUPER-annoying
By: Blissfulpain - 12-28-06 03:24 PM
Fiddling with a macro on my druid that didn't use any Aftercast instructions

/cast Barkskin
/cast Hurricane

Cast Barkskin (instant) and then produces the error:
Aftercast: Unexpected event UNIT_SPELLCAST_STOP in Sent

and then
/castsequence reset=60 Barkskin, Hurricane

Casts Barkskin (instant) and then produces the error upon casting Hurricane (channeled spell)
Aftercast: Unexpected event UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED in ChannelCast

I was getting errors in Battlegrounds about INTERRUPTED something or other when I was casting, and then was killed mid-cast... but I haven't reproduced it, since I turned it off after it started do that. I turned it back on to see if I could reproduce the error. I assume that all these errors are closely related, so hopefully the above helps you fix them all.