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SPELLCAST_**** errors
Bug #: 2652
File: AfterCast
Date: 12-11-06 10:30 PM
By: Navras
Status: Unconfirmed
Aftercast: Unexpected event UNIT_SPELLCAST_STOP in Sent

I get this, and variations on STOP (INTERRUPTED, SENT) a LOT. I've only seen it in PvP, cuz that's the only place I've been since I started using this addon, but I would expect it would happen in PvE also. Seems the addon isn't programmed with the new events perhaps? Not sure, maybe it's something on my end, but I don't see how it could be.

This happens on multiple shots/actions, not ones with macros including /aftercast. Is it possible to only have aftercast monitor those things that have a personal macro with /aftercast in them?


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By: Navras - 12-11-06 10:32 PM
Just saw that this was an issue was back when, a few months ago. Any chance of this getting fixed? It's almost annoying enough to make me stop using the addon.