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cast failure..
Bug #: 5534
File: AfterCast
Date: 03-20-09 04:38 AM
By: Hack
Status: Unconfirmed
Hiya Iriel,

Hope you don't mind me using the bug report form to get in touch..

I have been looking about now for a addon that will do various things depending on success or failure of skill usage (Pummel in my case) and aftercast seems to fit the bill. However, as you probably know there are errors :(

AfterCast: Unexpected event UNIT_SPELLCAST_INTERRUPTED in NormalCast
I know this mod has not been looked at in some considerable time now, do you have any plans to look at it again or has blizzard stoped the functions this mod did working?

Finally, if you are not working on this, do you know of any suitable alternative? (I was going to be use the /in command to announce spell cooldown as well as when used originally)