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Alternate keybindings
Feature #: 3018
File: Popup Actions
Date: 10-24-08 07:08 AM
By: TheDaR
Status: Under Review
Poor lonely keypad, sitting there right next to the mouse, unloved. Where I could pop my hand off the trackball for just an instant to hit a two stroke keycombo like KP+ then KP2 for the perfect situational spell...

I took a look at the code, but my WoW Lua skills are not up to deciphering exactly where the binding is being determined. The naive attempt to bind KP0 through KP9 as alternates for the main bar didn't carry over to Popup Actions.

Any chance that it could be modified to either support the actual keybindings for your main bar and/or have an option to bind something other than 0-9?