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Time delay
Feature #: 481
File: AfterCast
Date: 04-09-06 06:01 AM
By: Cluey
Status: Under Review
This is a very uselful little mod thank you for your time in writing it :)

Is it possible to add a way to not repeat the message if it was successfully cast and you are just recasting it within a certain time?
eg. Like re-sheeping / sleeping.
My current Macro is:
/s Sleeping %t
/aftercast +fail /s %t resisted
/aftercast +interrupt /s casting got interrupted
/cast Hibernate(Rank 3)
So if I am keeping something hibernated it would only say I am casting it the first time and then again if I cast it XX seconds later to avoid chat spam?
I have noticed the mobs in ZG don't stay hibernated longer than about 10-15 seconds so I recast it frequently and as a result I generate a lot of spam :(

I also can't get my Fade macro to work how I would like it too:
/aftercast +start /s attempting jedi mind trick
/aftercast /s This is not the priest you are looking for
/cast Fade(Rank 6)
When I use this the first line never works :(