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Falsely Triggered Guild Announcements
Bug #: 7291
File: ReadySetDing
Date: 02-17-11 11:40 AM
By: ShadowProwler420
Status: Unconfirmed
I've been noticing it for a while now (just haven't gotten around to posting a bug report for it until now) that this addon will get triggered when it shouldn't.

The times that I've really only noticed it happening is when I have the game minimized for one reason or another and my toon/game goes in to the auto-AFK mode (when the game sits idle for a predetermined amount of time by Blizzard). Then when I return to the game I see it's gone off, but see nothing in the chat log that shows what triggered it!

This bug was triggered recently, and the guildie I had named in the message was like "Ummm.....what was that for?" to which I responded -in my smartass nature- that it was a 'pre-gratz' thing for something that will happen in the future .

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By: ShadowProwler420 - 02-17-11 11:48 AM
And just for the record, this doesn't happen every time I go AFK while the game is minimized. It seems to be a random occurrence.