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    Real-id replacement not working
    Bug #: 7323
    File: PhanxChat
    Date: 02-26-11 02:52 PM
    By: linguini
    Status: Fixed
    current version of addon and WoW as I type

    when someone logs into WoW, their full REAL name shows up along with their toon id, which is an implement of blizzard, not pChat.

    When someone logs out of WoW, their Toon name (and nothing else) shows.

    When I send and receive real-id tells, their toon name shows up.

    Real-id replacement essentially works for all real-id related chat functions, except for people logging in.

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    By: Akkorian - 02-27-11 03:10 PM
    Hi Linguini,

    I’ve noticed this, and I think it’s because Blizzard recently added the character name in the “logged in” messages, but not in the “logged off” messages or normal chat messages. I’ll try to get it working again soon.