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    Color BNET name by current class (if applicable)
    Bug #: 7474
    File: PhanxChat
    Date: 07-07-11 03:47 AM
    By: Ailae
    Status: Fixed
    Would be great if the name of a RealID friend could be colored by the class they're current logged on to. If they are logged into SC2 this of course couldn't be applied.

    So if my friend John Doe is logged in on his warrior, when BNET whispering his name would be colored using the warrior class color. If he switches to his paladin, so does the color of his name.

    BasicChatMods has this feature I believe.

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    By: Akkorian - 07-07-11 03:48 AM
    Hi Ailae,

    This was actually already added, but wasn’t working recently. It should be fixed in the latest version!