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Global Bar Shared Across Characters
Feature #: 4911
File: Button Forge
Date: 12-31-16 09:07 AM
By: Habibinet
Status: Under Review
I have been using Button Forge for at least the last 6 months now I think and love it. However, I would like to ask for a feature that I was looking for when I first found Button Forge and kinda gave up on finding. Primarily I wanted a bar, maybe a set of bars, that would be easily to keep updated across characters. So start off with thinking something like a mount bar. I would love to be able to update this 'mount bar' on any one of my characters and have it update all the other characters automatically. But, it should not be limited to only mounts. I really want a few 'oh crap' buttons like goblin gliders or other things that I have across multiple characters like jade wind wings, or whatever they are called. And a few other things like the guild bank and guild mass rez buttons, plus macros I created for dealing with PUG's like macro'd greetings, 'thanks for group!, ect.

I have been able to match the UI across all my toons now, but when I get a new mount I want on the bar I have to remember to do it on all my toons, which never happens. Then I end up moving something on my main toon and get used to it on there only to find out that I can't fin that dang goblin glider on my alt when I only have 1 second to hit the button before the Elevator Boss kills me YET AGAIN! ;-)

I kinda envision this like titan panel implemented their global profile. You would pick a character that had the panel setup you liked best, then check 'use global profile' (something like that) and it created the 'global profile' with that character's setup. Then on each other character you wanted that same setup, you would check the same box and it would use the 'global profile' from then on. Anytime you updated the panel setup on any character, it saved the setting on the 'global profile' and was automatically there across all other toons! If you had a particular character that you wanted to have a different setup on, you simply didn't check the 'use global profile' and poof, that character was unique!

I wouldn't want it do that for ALL the Button Forge bars as I also have lots of character/class specific buttons, but perhaps the ability to make an individual bar 'global'. If you import that bar, then it is automatically sync'd with all other characters.

Alternatively, the ability to import/export individual bars rather than whole profiles. I could then at least set it up on my main, save it out and then import it on my alts that I want it on. Automagically would be AWESOME!!!! but just the ability to setup a 'standard' button layout that I could then import in would be wonderful!