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Fontflag troubles on bars
Bug #: 7353
File: stExperienceBar
Date: 03-17-11 02:00 AM
By: PierrotIV
Status: Fixed

I had a very awfull text on the XP bar: "stairs" effect, nearly unreadable.

I am using Tukui (13.07).

I changed the following in tukui.lua at line 7:
-- st.fontflags = C.media.uffontsize and "MONOCHROMEOUTLINE" or "MONOCHROMEOUTLINE"
++ st.fontflags = C.media.uffontsize and C.media.uffontsize or "MONOCHROMEOUTLINE"

That did the trick and the text is now nice and readable.

Another quick and dirty fix that would need a better understanding of what happened here.


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By: Safturento - 03-17-11 07:54 AM
Ah, I think I know why. I forgot that the default Tukui doesn't use a pixel font, and using a Monochrome Outline makes it hideous. I'll see about getting that fixed.