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    Mousewheel volume changing
    Feature #: 1567
    File: FuBar - VolumeFu
    Date: 10-20-06 04:50 AM
    By: Royal-
    Status: Under Review
    It would be nice if you could add Mousewheel scrolling support.

    Mouseover the icon, will enable the mousewheel to change the Master Volume (or another volume group perhaps, which the user can set).

    So basically, when scrolling the mousewheel while mouseover the icon, the volume will change with steps of 5% or something.

    Also, is it possible to 'hook' default WoW sound options, when I disable sound using the CTRL-S keybind, it would be nice to have the VolumeFu icon turn red. Or when using CTRL-- or CTRL-+ to change the volume, it would be nice if the VolumeFu icon also updates itself according to the volume changes

    I haven't really gotten used to VolumeFu yet, so I still use these keybinds! I'm annoyed by going trough the menu's to get to the Master Volume slider, so if you would add the mousewheel scroll support, it would be much easier to change the volume and there wouldn't be any need to 'hook' the default WoW sound options (not for me, anyway)

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    By: Aileen - 10-20-06 07:58 AM
    I will investigate this.