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    Alternate titlebar display. "[Icon]:[count]"
    Feature #: 1831
    File: FuBar - FarmerFu
    Date: 12-21-06 09:04 AM
    By: joert
    Status: Under Review
    I use the farmerfu addon not so much as a farming monitor. Rather, I use it as a reagent counter sortof. Also, I have it display how many of each battleground token I have. It would be wonderful if the titlebar could display an icon for each item, and then the ammount of that item right next to it. Ofcourse it might get cluttered with tonnes of items on it, but that's up to the user. With this feature in it, this would really be awesome.

    As a sidenote. if the other suggested feature (the 'goals' one) gets implemented, it would also be cool to have the titlebar text recoloured depending on how far you are from your goal (green = you're there, red = you're not there). With that in, this addon would make reagentcounter obsolete.